We provide education to our clients and the world about the benefits of hypnotherapy.

We create for our clients a safe and non-judgmental environment for therapy.

We empower and inspire our clients to achieve their desired goals living a meaningful life for themselves and touching lives around them.

ONE Hypnosis has helped many of its clients achieve the changes that they want in a safe, quick and effective psychotherapy.

From anxiety attacks, depression, phobias, unwanted habits such as smoking addiction and hundreds of other symptoms and complaints, ONE Hypnosis offers treatment of specific problems with short-term therapy in a very positive, drug free way.

At ONE Hypnosis, clients know they are in safe hands where they are treated by highly trained hypnotherapists who can help them unlock their full potential and overcome their concerns and

phobias. Hypnotherapy begins at the unconscious level

  • the place within a person that’s running the show
  • in a safe, non-judgmental deeply relaxing,natural way.
  • ONE Hypnosis has also been successful with children, sportsmen and sportswomen, celebrities and executives as well as corporate clients. The services provided at ONE Hypnosis are enviable, enabling its clients to achieve real life changes with continued benefits using hypnosis.

    Example treatments include:

  • Stress management
  • Marital issues
  • Enhanced relationships
  • Children's studies, focus and concentration
  • Weight management problem and workshops
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Stage fright, Depression, Panick Attack, Self Esteem and Confidence, Procrastination, Remove Fears and Bad Habits, Sports Motivation
  • Corporate Hypnosis (increase productivity and stop absenteeism)
  • ONE HYPNOSIS Pte Ltd was founded by Center Director, Sandy Hui, who is assisted by a team of experienced Certified Hypnotherapist and counsellors. Our center is conveniently located in the central Novena vicinity - Singapore’s medical hub. To date, we are the only hypnotherapy center to be located in a medical center.

    We are able to to assist clients from all walks of life with weight management, smoking cessation, insomnia, stress, anxiety, relationship problems, panic attacks, phobias and much more.

    We partner with medical doctors and sleep specialists under a single entity therefore our clients can be assured they will be taken care of fully by a team of competent therapists.